Getting Here


A visa is not required to enter the Dominican Republic, but visitors are required to purchase a $10 tourist card. This card must be presented upon departure from the country; failure to do so incurs a fine.


Flying into La Romana International Airport (LRM) is the most convenient way to reach La Romana directly. It is located less than 10 minutes from the resort. Santo Domingo is the country's transportation hub and has its largest airport and a sea ferry connection to Puerto Rico. Travelers to La Romana who arrive in Santo Domingo airport (SDQ), which is about an hour away from the villa, can rent a car, hire a taxi or we can arrange a personal driver for your group for approximetely $120 each way.

Airport: La Romana International Airport (LRM)

Location: Batey Cacata, La Romana

Coast: Southeast Coast

Address: Carretera La Romana - Higuey 5.5, La Romana 22000, Dominican Republic

Phone No.:+1 (809) 813-9000

You can also fly into Punta Cana Airport (PUJ) which is about 40 minutes away from the villa. Travelers who arrive to this airport can rent a car, hire a taxi, take a hotel shuttle to Casa de Campo, or we can arrange a personal driver for your group.

What Currency Should I Bring?

The US dollars is the most easily exchangeable foreign currency. The reason is that the US dollar is the most transacted currency and thus is the most competitive. Other currencies, such as the Euro and Canadian dollar can be readily exchanged, but usually a lower rate will be paid than if you had first exchanged your currency for US dollars. Bring a mix of credit cards, ATM cards and travelers checks.

I don't know Spanish. Will this be a problem?

Thousands of people visit the DR every year without knowing any Spanish at all. If you speak English, you should be able to get along fine. But if neither English nor Spanish is your language, don't worry, you will be surprised how far a smile and pointing will get you. As with traveling anywhere, picking up a key phrases in Spanish (like "por favor"-please, "gracias"-thank you) will be helpful. Moreover, like many resorts Casa de Campo has multi-lingual staff.

The best advice is to relax and be patient if you do not get youself across the first time. Laugh and have fun. After all, you are on a vacation.